St Clare’s School – building our future

Welcome to St Clare’s School consultation. We have exciting proposals to develop our school to provide outstanding classroom and sports facilities for local, young people with special educational needs.

On this page you will find out how we plan to transform our school environment for the benefit of our pupils, staff and the wider community.

While demand for pupil places continues to rise at St Clare’s, we have already outgrown our existing estate and our facilities are now wholly inadequate. Sadly, we can no longer provide the classroom, sports, and specialist support environment that our current and future pupils deserve.

Our proposals – which will all be funded via the support of Derby City Council – include a showpiece, school building as well as substantial refurbishments to the existing estate.

These improvements will bring a raft of tangible benefits to our school community as well as members of the local community who we’ll invite to share them.

We’re keen to work with local people to minimise the short-term impacts while we deliver long-term benefits.

So, as well as providing state-of-the-art facilities for St Clare’s, we will seek to improve parking and traffic issues at the site to relieve pressure on neighbouring streets.

We are keen to shape our designs to deliver the best outcome for everybody.

St Clare's Brochure

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