In collaboration with home and relevant external professionals, at St Clare’s we facilitate the development of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education of our students. Through our cultural capital and personal development offer, we provide students with the opportunities to ensure they have functional skills for later in later life.

Our well-being and mental health is very important. It helps us feel happy and keeps us feeling healthy. We learn best, when we feel our best.

We all need help understanding our feelings from time to time.  Sometimes we may feel sad, worried, angry or confused and it helps to speak to someone who can help us feel better.

We have a wellbeing team in school who provide students with opportunities to talk. Students can refer themselves to the wellbeing team at any time.

The attached documents provide further information about our offer.

Wellbeing and Bereavement Policy

St Clare's Approach to Wellbeing

Personal Development

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