School Council

At St Clare’s school, we value the unique abilities of our remarkable students.  We aim to be inclusive of all and encourage student’s participation of whole school issues, taking ownership and promoting independence.

Our school council aims to;

  • To give all students a voice in school and know their views are valued.
  • To encourage students to have the confidence to share their thoughts and ideas so that they can develop their independence and life skills.
  • To encourage and develop communication skills, so they can engage and interact with range of people, including peers and adults within different situations.
  • To fully take part in the citizenship of our school community, including having a say with wider whole school events.
  • To understand the importance of democracy in decision making.

Staff Head of House: Colin Marshall

Student Head of House: Aisha

Staff Head of House: Kate Wallis

Student Head of House: Alice

Staff Head of House: Laura Russell

Student Head of House: Warren

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